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In The Dark Trailer In The Dark Trailer

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Looking forward to it!

I'm already a big fan of the comics, and the idea that they will become a short cartoon series, makes me eager for it to start.
Good luck making them, i cant wait to see the first one :3

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Comick responds:

Cool! Thanks for reading my comics :D Hopefully the cartoon will be as funny and crazy

WGJ4K: Twilight Princess WGJ4K: Twilight Princess

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Best Game Review....EVER!

i cracked up with whole thing on the Lord of the Flies book being Twilight Princess X'D
nice flash xD
10/10 + a fave

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W.I.P. Zombie city W.I.P. Zombie city

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


ik! ik! its a WIP! but STILL! try reducing the length of the scene at the beggening that dragged on for 2 minutes by either getting into the movie you have so far or swith between diffrent shots of the lands scape
ALSO try to smooth out the movements of the flash, its seems like to move the pictur you used anywhere from 2 to 10 frames in some areas, try giving the frames shorter moving distants to give it a smooher movement and thpply a motiontwen to the frames,
what you have so far DOES HAVE POTENTAL but plz try fix the overall flash so you dont bore your watcher

AnimCide: Episode One AnimCide: Episode One

Rated 4 / 5 stars

an A for effort

i can see you must have put quite a bit of effort into this, not bad. the plot could be just a little longer, i did'nt really understand exactly what was going on in the time it played, i jut got the idea
the drawings seemed off in some areas, but i dont blame you, flash is alot harder to make look good ^w^
i like how this is set in the near future, it adds a bit of wonder to the story,
so 3/5 + 8/10 :3 not bad

Kausill responds:

Thanks, yep. Don't worry, I'm still experimenting with flash and I'm going to fix up everything I've done wrong here in the next episode without explaining everything at face-value. Keeping the solution to a mystery to my self...

Life in Hyrule - Part One Life in Hyrule - Part One

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Was this youtube poop at one point?

its not a bad attempt at creating a flash in the start, should try to animate a little more and actually draw gannon, and mckmason is right, Fsjals are REALLY GAY!!!! XP
1/5 and 2/10